About Christine Garrison

Christine Garrison is an artist and visual arts instructor based in McMinnville, Oregon.  A native of a small town on the eastern edge of the Willamette Valley, Christine is well acquainted with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Growing up in a waterfall-hiking, a little dirt can't hurt, "don’t come in until it’s dark" kind of home, she welcomes the adventure and cathartic calm nature can inspire. After a ten year stint in Minnesota and yearly summers in New England she sees her current place-based work as a way to reconnect and explore a true “sense of place." 

Christine graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and Arts Education from Saint Olaf College and completed her Graduate Degree in Arts Education at Boston University. She was fortunate to complete her graduate drawing and painting courses at BU’s satellite campus in Venice, Italy in 2016. Many of her reflective surface paintings are a direct result of these formative months along the picturesque canals of her Venetian campo. 

Beyond her own artwork, Christine has spent over a decade as a full time secondary visual arts instructor in Minnesota, Oregon, and New Hampshire. She maintains the lead visual arts pathway position at McMinnville High School and a summer teaching position at Phillips Exeter Academy, an independent school in Exeter, New Hampshire.